7 Most Valuable Training KPIs for Corporate Learning Programs


Each year it is becoming more and more important for training program managers to prove the value and overall ROI of their

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3 Ways Training Programs Give Companies a Competitive Advantage


It has become abundantly clear to business leaders that workforce training is no longer a luxury; rather, it has become a

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5 Top Challenges Facing Corporate Training Event Planners


Whomever came up with the phrase, "No pain, no gain," might have been a corporate training event planner. The complexities and

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Is Your Training Plan Helping to Achieve Company Goals?


There is seemingly constant chatter in corporate training circles about the importance of using Key Performance Indicators

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5 Training KPI: Illustrate the Value of Your Training Program

By: MicroTek

As you plan your training program, it is critical that you include relevant training KPI to track and measure. These KPI will

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Demonstrating Training Program Value: 7 Crucial Training KPIs 

By: MicroTek

One of the challenges that training professionals often encounter is getting the buy-in of stakeholders. Managers and

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