4 Tips to Meet Your Employee Training Objectives and Improve ROI


Long gone are the days when employee "training" meant showing workers how to log in to their computer and pointing out where

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The Ultimate Corporate Training Course Content Development Checklist


Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

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Four Factors That Make or Break a Successful Corporate Training Event


With U.S. corporate training expenditures eclipsing $90 billion a year, the pressure on learning departments to execute

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Why “Emotional Intelligence” Matters in the Workplace and 4 Traits All "Smart" Workers Possess


 "That person might be work smart, but they're people stupid."

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Hybrid Learning Best Practices - Part Four: How to Adapt Content for Hybrid Learning

By: MicroTek

Hybrid learning bridges the gap for training professionals caught between the superior learning outcomes of traditional

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