Video: Inside a World-Class Corporate Training & Meeting Center


The sound of instructors sharing information with students in a classroom ... a group of corporate learners huddled in the

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3 Ways Training Programs Give Companies a Competitive Advantage


It has become abundantly clear to business leaders that workforce training is no longer a luxury; rather, it has become a

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How to Pick the Right Date (and Day) for a Corporate Training or Meeting Event


Many considerations need to be made when picking a date. No, not that kind of date. We are talking about when is the right

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4 Tips to Meet Your Employee Training Objectives and Improve ROI


Long gone are the days when employee "training" meant showing workers how to log in to their computer and pointing out where

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When Cloud-Based Learning Offers the Ideal Virtual Training Environment


When it comes to meeting the modern demands of corporate training, if your training organization is not operating at least

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Is Your Training Plan Helping to Achieve Company Goals?


There is seemingly constant chatter in corporate training circles about the importance of using Key Performance Indicators

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Five Must-Ask Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Training Location


Can you imagine if the New England Patriots played football in a rickety old stadium lacking comfortable seats, amenities and

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Employee Training: How to Increase Knowledge Retention

By: MicroTek

Your organization has put a lot of time and resources into developing your training program, but are your learners retaining

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Hybrid Learning Best Practices - Part Three: Five Tips to Keep Learners from Tuning Out

By: MicroTek

Many training organizations have found themselves caught between wanting the outstanding learning outcomes of instructor-led

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Guide to Choosing the Best Training Delivery Method

By: MicroTek

Hybrid learning, e-Learning, virtual training, blended learning…we throw these terms around like they are interchangeable, but

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