Measuring Meeting Success: 6 Key Meeting KPIs You Should Be Tracking


When you walk out of a meeting room, you’ve usually got a pretty good idea whether it was an effective meeting or not. But

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Engage Your Attendees - 5 Hot Trends in Unique Meeting Design


We've all read the reports, blogs, and tweets about the ever-increasing demand for more unique meeting experiences. In fact,

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5 Mistakes Not to Make When Choosing a Meeting Venue


Locking down a venue can often be the most difficult part of coordinating a corporate meeting or event. Any meeting, no matter

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Tricks To Conquer Language Barriers In Your Next Meeting


Conducting international business is an intensive process of sourcing materials, clients, and partners from all corners of the

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12 Meeting Room Essentials That Will Make or Break Your Collab Session


According to a study conducted by the National Statistics Council, the average corporate employee spends 37% of their work

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Why Outsourcing Meeting Planning and Corporate Events Makes Sense


One of the most common reasons for planning a corporate meeting or event yourself? Cost.

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Are You Too Reliant on Video Conferencing?


You open up your browser to read the news while eating lunch at your desk. Just as Chrome opens, an Outlook notification pops

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The Not-So-Tiny Corporate Event Planning Details You're Forgetting


For seasoned meeting and event planning pros, the planning process is almost automatic. You know who to call, what questions

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3 Secrets To Keeping Your Training Audience Engaged


It’s not an easy thing to get up in front of a group of people and keep them invested in what you have to say for hours at a

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Why to avoid booking a hotel for your next meeting or training event


You’re in the corner of an echoing banquet hall, phone at one ear, finger in the other. It’s been 20 minutes. Tech support

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