MicroTek’s World-Class Training Facilities Now Available on Training Orchestra

By: MicroTek Team


MicroTek, an industry leader in the delivery of training room rentals, virtual training solutions, meeting services and large training roll-outs is pleased to announce that its state-of-the-art training facilities will be available through Training Orchestra, a world leading training management software designed to optimize processes and resources, track key performance indicators, and provide detailed reporting and analytics.

Having MicroTek’s global facility network available to customers online through this powerful training management application allows one stop shopping for facilities and related training services. Further service delivery, fulfillment logistics and scheduling is simplified via a single portal.

“By incorporating MicroTek’s worldwide training room network into our system, our customers will now have the ability to easily find and schedule training space anywhere in the world,” says Stephan Pineau, Training Orchestra CEO.

Training Orchestra chose to partner with MicroTek because of its expansive network of over 3,000 locations worldwide, major presence in all major U.S. and international cities and brand recognition in the marketplace. “MicroTek has the most options, best reputation and an expanding service portfolio that would further enhance our Training Orchestra platform,” added Pineau.

“We are excited to partner with Training Orchestra. They provide the most comprehensive and flexible training management software available. This unique software allows organizations to increase the effectiveness of their training programs.” said Hugh McCullen, Former MicroTek President. “We look forward to working with Training Orchestra’s customers to provide quality facilities and service that support learning.”