MicroTek Now Offers Virtual Training Room in Seattle Location

By: MicroTek Team
MicroTek is pleased to announce that it has expanded its Virtual Training Room offering to its Seattle partner facility. This expansion will allow MicroTek to better serve its client base with training events in the Pacific Northwest. Utilizing Virtual Training Room, these clients will now be able to train participants in class and remotely from anywhere in the world.

“Expanding our Next Generation Classroom and Virtual Training Room offerings allows us to address the unique technical, business and operational needs of our customers. Specifically, this expansion demonstrates the success of our Virtual Training Room. Since we introduced it in early 2015, Virtual Training Room has been utilized by our customers to provide a superior learning experience to thousands of participants,” said MicroTek President, Hugh McCullen.
Utilizing state-of-the-art teleconferencing equipment including high-definition audio and video and advanced collaboration tools, Virtual training Room makes it easy for instructors to deliver effective training to both onsite and offsite participants. The virtual session is initiated from the MicroTek authorized origination site that contains the instructor and classroom participants. Remote participants can connect to the session from anywhere—allowing both remote and on-site students to collaborate with each other and their instructor in a real time, online interface.

This engaging platform allows for a true hybrid learning experience where every student is equally involved in a training session, from in-class discussions to in- depth training exercises. Customers are able to effectively train more participants in geographically dispersed locations.

Virtual Training Room is now offered at 12 facilities throughout the United States. Further expansion is planned in the coming months in Arizona, Texas and Canada.

To learn how to leverage MicroTek Virtual Training Room for a training program or company meeting, contact MicroTek for a free consultation and demo at 1-800-207-9620 or visit us at www.mclabs.com.