5 Ways Video Meeting Technology Improves Your Business Relationships


Here at MicroTek, video communication is a core part of our organization’s daily operation. Our virtual spaces are crucial to

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Picking the Right Training Venue Type For Your Event


With hundreds of different venues competing for your training business, it can be tough to determine the right one for your

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3 Keys to Building an Effective Event Registration


Today’s robust event registration solutions give an event planner access to registration from anywhere. With attendee

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How To Maintain Focus During Virtual Training


We live in a world full of distractions—a constant feed of information, noise and entertainment all at our finger tips. Each

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Our Favorite Pieces of Meeting Room Tech


At their core, meeting rooms haven’t really changed much in the last 50 years. A table, some chairs, some glasses of water,

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How to Choose the Best Training Delivery Solution


The terms hybrid learning, e-Learning, virtual training, blended learning often get tossed around interchangeably. However,

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Picking The Right Meeting Room Layout


A meeting space isn't just a room with a big table and a few chairs around the perimeter. Well, it can be. But depending on

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5 Easy Tweaks To Dramatically Improve Your Training


You're a training expert, not an interior designer.  However, the layout and features within a training room can make a big

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Make Your Meeting More Efficient and Effective: 5 Simple Pro Tips


Collaboration. Brainstorming. Decision making. This why we step into the small conference room every Tuesday. Keeping these

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10 Ways Customer Training Benefits Your Organization


A research study from the Brandon Hall Group indicates that more than 54 percent of today's organizations offer some form of

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