5 Top Challenges Facing Corporate Training Event Planners


Whomever came up with the phrase, "No pain, no gain," might have been a corporate training event planner. The complexities and

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4 Questions When Choosing In-House vs. Outsourced Training Venues


Should corporate training be conducted onsite or offsite? While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, the place

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Four Factors That Make or Break a Successful Corporate Training Event


With U.S. corporate training expenditures eclipsing $90 billion a year, the pressure on learning departments to execute

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Is Your Training Plan Helping to Achieve Company Goals?


There is seemingly constant chatter in corporate training circles about the importance of using Key Performance Indicators

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Why Outsourced Training Locations Make Sense in Today's “Gig Economy” Classroom


Just when you think you've put in place your company's best training program ever, modern business reality strikes: Every day

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4 Secrets to Keep Virtual Learners Engaged in Instructor-Led Training


Let's go back in the virtual training time machine, back to not-so-long-ago when video-conference technology first allowed

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Why “Emotional Intelligence” Matters in the Workplace and 4 Traits All "Smart" Workers Possess


 "That person might be work smart, but they're people stupid."

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Five Must-Ask Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Training Location


Can you imagine if the New England Patriots played football in a rickety old stadium lacking comfortable seats, amenities and

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The Importance of Technical Support for Training Events

By: MicroTek

We’ve all had the “pleasure” of sitting in a class or presentation only to watch the presenter struggle with the AV equipment.

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5 Training KPI: Illustrate the Value of Your Training Program

By: MicroTek

As you plan your training program, it is critical that you include relevant training KPI to track and measure. These KPI will

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